Film festival 'BRAVE WORD' („DRĄSUS ŽODIS“)



Published october 07, 2015

The ‘Brave word’ festival is the first and, so far, the only film festival in Europe that aims to show the problems caused by corruption, its forms, reasons and effects on individuals and the whole of society in a vivid and interesting fashion. This way, TI Lithuania seeks to draw society’s attention to the exceptionally grave consequences of corruption and our individual capabilities to fight it. During the length of the festival’s 4-5 movies – thrillers, dramas, comedies – are shown to the public for free, followed by discussions with anti-corruption experts.

The first festival was organized in 2010.

For your viewing pleasure – the posters from last year:

Films shown in previous ‘Brave Word’ festivals :

Festival programme in 2014:

1. The Fifth Estate, 2013 (USA, India, Belgium);

2. Conviction, 2010 (USA);

3. The Promised Land, 2012 (USA);

4. Lincoln, 2012 (USA);

5. All the King’s Men, 1949 (USA).

Festival programme in 2013:


Festivalio programa in 2013:

1. Fair game, 2010 (USA);

2. Jack Reacher, 2012 (USA);

3. Lawless, 2012 (USA);

4. The Ides of March, 2011 (USA);

5. The Corporation, 2003 (USA).


Festival programme in 2011:

1. Edge of Darkness, 2010, (USA);

2. Frost/Nixon, 2008 m., (USA);

3. Changeling, 2008, (USA);

4. Casino Jack, 2010, (Canada).


Festival programme in 2010:

1. Michael Clayton, 2007, (USA);

2. The Departed, 2006, (USA);

3. The Aviator, 2004, (USA);

4. The Elite Squad, 2007, (Brazil);

5. The Informant!, 2009, (USA).

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