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Published december 11, 2014

In order to commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day, on 9th December over 1500 pupils around Lithuania promised not to cheat at schools and over 50 schools from 30 different cities signed the Declaration of Honor and formed the Integrity Network of Schools. By doing so both the pupils and schools declared their firm stand for integrity and transparency in their daily activities.

By joining the Integrity Network of Schools, school administration, teachers and pupils promised to cooperate when discussing important questions for their community, make decisions by joint efforts, show respect to each other and to be honest in their daily activities.

The initiative gathered volunteers from various Lithuanian organizations such as Junior Professional Programme “Create for Lithuania”, Lithuanian Catholic Federation “Ateitis”, a civic movement “The White Gloves”, business labelling initiative “Clear wave”, professional mentoring programme “LT Big Brother” and “Transparency International” Lithuanian Chapter’s Alumni. The volunteers invited pupils to the discussion on what cheating at school means to them and what the benefits of being a responsible and honest citizen are.

The Integrity Network of Schools is an informal voluntary network that every school in Lithuania can become part of. The aim of this Network is to serve as a platform for exchange of good practices among schools in promotion of transparency and honesty in their environment.

“I am delighted that such a vast number of school directors, teachers and pupils publicly declared the eagerness to build a better learning environment based on the values of honesty and openness,” – said Sergejus Muravjovas, the Executive Director of “Transparency International” Lithuanian Chapter.

In 2011 “Transparency International” Lithuanian Chapter conducted the first Youth Integrity survey in Lithuania that revealed high level of dishonest behavior at schools: 88% of pupils admitted they were cheating, 87% assisted their peers to cheat, 81% supported a ‘give & take’ attitude and 68% saw no wrongdoing in employment due to connections. 

More photos from this initiative can be easily found here.   

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