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Lithuania scores one point more, ranks 33rd in Corruption Perceptions Index 2022



Published january 31, 2023

In the most recent Transparency International (TI) global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2022, Lithuania received a score of 62 on a 100-point scale, ranking 33rd out of 180 countries. Lithuania is currently 12th out of 27 European Union (EU) countries.

Denmark (90 points) yet again is in the first place together with Finland (87 points), New Zealand (87 points) and Norway (84 points) also remaining at the top.

Estonia scored 74 points this year and ranks 14th (last year – 74 points and 13th place), Latvia scored 59 points and ranks 39th (last year – 59 points and 36th place), Poland received a score of 55 and is in 45th place (last year – 56 points and 42nd place), Belarus – 39 point and 91st place (last year – 41 points and 82nd place), Russia – 28 points and 137th place (last year – 29 points and was in 136th place).

The average score of the European Union is 64 points out of 100.

“The latest CPI results show that we are slowly making progress. However, if we want to achieve the breakthrough, we must pay more attention to grand corruption. I would really like the leaders of public and private sectors to be more proactive and set clear, specific and measurable anti-corruption goals as well as create more good case examples. Otherwise, greater progress in the anti-corruption field is hardly possible.” – said Ingrida Kalinauskienė, Interim CEO of Transparency International Lithuania.

The Corruption Perceptions Index is one of the world’s most famous anti-corruption indicators, which ranks countries and territories based on how effectively they are able to manage corruption. The score of a country or territory reflects the perceived level of corruption on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 indicates that a country is perceived as highly corrupt, whereas 100 means that it is perceived as very clean. The level of corruption in the public and government sectors is evaluated by various experts and business leaders.

TI Lithuania reminds that the Government has decided to measure its success in the fight against corruption based on the CPI. The Programme of the Government states that in 2024 Lithuania should receive a score of 70. The National Agenda for the Prevention of Corruption (2022-2033) sets out a goal for Lithuania to receive 74 points in 2033.

The following sources were used in determining Lithuania’s CPI 2021: 1. Bertelsmann Foundation Sustainable Governance Indicators; 2. Bertelsmann Foundation Transformation Index; 3. Economist Intelligence Unit Country Service; 4. Freedom House Nations in Transit; 5. Global Insights Business Conditions and Risk Indicators; 6. IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook; 7. The PRS Group International Country Risk Guide; 8. Varieties of Democracy Project (V-Dem); 9. World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey; 10. World Justice Project Rule of Law Index.

Detailed results can be found here (in Lithuanian) and here (in English).

More information: Ingrida Kalinauskienė,

For questions on methodology, please contact Roberto Kukutschka from the Transparency International Secretariat:

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